Why Create a Company Website?

  • Promote and inform the world community, and the Indonesian people in particular, of the company's existence.
  • Can include comprehensive details about the company's goal, mission, facilities, and services in order to foster the development of an online community.
  • Make it simpler to be able to gather comments from internet users about the caliber of the corporation in the shape of criticism and suggestions.
  • Develop a business identity in the eyes of the public, as reflected in the website interface.
  • Make it simpler for clients to access all company information and services.
  • Create a community of devoted users so that the website can eventually be integrated into the Customer Relationship Program.

Company Profile Website features

Menu: Home, About Us, Services, Privacy Statement, Disclaimer, Terms of Service, Employees, Galleries (Photos and Videos), Clients, and Testimonials. (At the owner's desire, pages may be added or removed.)

Displaying the company website's front page is referred to as the main page (Company Profile)

Company information: To present a succinct history of the business, its vision, and its mission.

Service: To list the services that the business offers.

Privacy: Users' privacy policies for websites (visitors).

Notices/warnings against abusing the business's website are provided.

Contact Information: Provides contact information, a map, and addresses via Google Maps.

Product: Inform users about the goods the business sells.

Team: introducing the group (preferably professionals employed by the company).

Photos and videos are displayed in the gallery.

Clients and Testimonials: To display a list of customers who have worked with the business as well as customer reviews or ratings of the business.