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Responsive HTML5 Template Landing Page

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Responsive HTML5 web landing page templates collection (Website Portfolio, Company Profile, and Business Site). The majority of web pages today can be regarded as landing pages due to the web's rapid development and expansion. Any page that requires completing an action leading to a transaction can be regarded as a landing page; however, there are more specific types utilized by startups, eCommerce retailers, and online enterprises.

Start your business with HTML web landing pages

If that seems intriguing, realize that there is much more to the realm of landing pages (the technical parts) than that. It's time to have a look at some of the top Bootstrap front-end framework-based free landing page templates. We are delighted to report that there are many excellent possibilities for you to try, and that this collection of responsive landing pages is really amazing.

Let's look at the top Bootstrap landing page templates that you can use right away without further ado.

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Version 1.0.0
Category Web Templates
Release date 2019-07-22
Latest update 2019-08-22
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Software Bootstrap, Semantic-UI
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