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Cloud Functions Master Course

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Master the fundamentals of server-less with Firebase Cloud Functions where we build seven different micro-services from scratch.


  1. What is serverless.mp4
  2. Testing background functions.mp4
  3. Use gcp services.mp4
  4. Resizing images.mp4
  5. Send sms texts.mp4
  6. Pro tips.mp4
  7. Project structure.mp4
  8. On create.mp4
  9. On update.mp4
  10. Intro to firestore functions.mp4
  11. Intro to http functions.mp4
  12. Intro to storage functions.mp4
  13. Intro to auth functions.mp4
  14. Intro to callable functions.mp4
  15. Firebase cloud functions setup.mp4
  16. Http functions basics.mp4
  17. Express.js middleware.mp4
  18. Express.js.mp4
  19. Call a callable function.mp4
  20. Deployment.mp4
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